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Amazing Benefits Of Black Tea For Your Overall Health

Black tea has stronger flavor as compared to other tea options. But what it’s lacking on the flavor make up for the health benefits one can get after drinking it. Below is a list of health benefits of drinking a cup or two of black tea on a regular basis.


Improving Oral Health – In a study by the Tea Trade Health Research Association, they discovered that black tea can reduce plaque formation and restrict bacteria growth. The bacteria it restricts can cause cavity and tooth decays. Black tea has polyphenols – a substance that is responsible for getting rid of cavity-causing bacteria and stopping the growth of bacterial enzymes.

Antioxidants – Another good thing polyphenols is that they are antioxidants that can block DNA damage caused by tobacco or other toxic chemicals. Regular intake of can provide additional benefits towards a healthy lifestyle. Our body naturally produces free radicals. By having antioxidants, we can counteract the damaging effects of free radicals. It can neutralize and remove the free radicals from the bloodstream.

Cancer Prevention – Research shows that tea’s antioxidants such as polyphenol and catechins may help prevent several types of cancer. Experts recommend that women drink black tea regularly to have a lower chance of ovarian cancer. Moreover, this beverage can also reduce the risk of oral cancer for people who use tobacco products or smoke cigarettes. It can also stop cancer by inhibiting the formation as well as growth of malignant tumors. Another good news is that it aids women in stopping breast cancer. This is because tea helps raise the level of globulin hormones, especially during a woman’s menstrual cycle periods. A substance in black tea known as theaflavins can destroy abnormal cells in the body before they even start to cause major damages or changes into cancerous cells.

Diabetes Prevention – According to a study, people that had been taking black tea on a regular and long-term basis had a 70% lower chance of getting or developing type 2 diabetes. Their findings suggest that tea intake is associated with lower prevalence of diabetes and reduced levels of fasting blood glucose.

Boosts Immune System – With strong immune system, your body can fight bacteria and viruses that cause illnesses. Black tea has tannins that can fight viruses like flu, hepatitis, cold, dysentery, and flu. This tea also has alkylamine antigens that can boost the immune response. It is advisable to have 3 to 4 cups of this tea per day in order to lower inflammation and remove harmful pathogens in our body.

Digestive Tract Improvement – Black tea’s tannins are beneficial for your digestion. It can combat gastric as well as intestinal illnesses due to its therapeutic effect. Moreover, they give an anti-diarrheal effect and decrease the intestinal activity. By drinking black tea, you’ll have polyphenols that help in lowering intestinal inflammation.

Relieving Stress – teas have long been known as a go-to drink if you want to relax. It can soothe your body and alleviate stress after a tiring day. Its amino acid L-theanine also help you concentrate better so it is advisable to drink it if you will be reviewing for an exam or finishing a task.

Ideal for People with Asthma – Hot and brewed tea can bring relief to people who have asthmatic conditions. This tea help in expanding the air passage that allow patients to breathe more easily.

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