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Possible Effects of Switching From Coffee to Tea

Coffee is known for causing teeth stains and caffeine-related palpitations. These are also the reason why many people choose to switch to tea as it could make their smile brighter. However, our body adjusts to the amount of our caffeine intake, and humans are all habit-forming creatures. If you have been enjoying coffee for years, it is best to phase it out gradually, rather than abruptly making a switch. This will help minimize withdrawal symptoms. Here are some of the possible effects you could experience when you switch from coffee to tea.

Getting headaches

Getting headaches could depend on how sensitive your body is to changes. It could also be based on how much caffeine you used to drink. The headache could be one of your body’s withdrawal symptoms once you cut down from drinking coffee and start to drink more tea. However, once your body starts to get used to your new drink these symptoms will eventually go away.

Heartburn might get better

Coffee brings an effect of relaxing the band of muscle between the esophagus as well as the stomach. When this space opens, the stomach acid could splash back up and eventually cause acid reflux. If you have this condition, it’s better to just have tea.

Help you sleep better

Since coffee contains more caffeine as compared to tea, you could find that you sleep better at night when you switch to tea. Consider drinking rooibos or white tea since they have less to no caffeine.

Feel less jittery and irritable

Having more than three cups of coffee a day could mean that you are over-stimulating your body. This could lead to feeling jittery and irritable, and for some people even stressful. You will never have to worry about such scenario with drinking tea.

Mood might change

According to studies, the caffeine intake could improve mood and lower risk of depression. Switching to tea could mean that you will also lose out on such benefits.

You’ll be better hydrated

You have probably heard that caffeine is a diuretic, and that it keeps you hydrated. But if you compare how tea and coffee helps in hydrating your body, tea’s lower caffeine levels means that it is better for hydration. It also aids you in not getting dizzy. Your skin also improves as you switch from coffee to any types of tea.

If you really want to kick coffee, tea is a good alternative. Good thing adding this drink into your routine is easy and accessible. You only need hot water, an infuser, and tea bags or tealeaves. Many recommend using whole leaf teas over teabags since leaves have richer flavors and are fresher. They are also more affordable since you save on packing. In case you want a tea that has a strong and robust flavor as coffee, choose black tea and darker roasted oolong.

There are also different ways of brewing tea. You can begin with a simple brewing basket or by having an infusing mug. While many often use tea balls, they don’t allow the leaves to fully release their flavors. Lastly, follow the steeping instructions of the tea to fully enjoy its flavors.

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