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Genmai Matcha
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Genmai Matcha

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A Bancha, naturally low in caffeine content. The addition of roasted brown rice gives it a slightly tart, aromatic cup with a roasted flavour. A blend of green tea, roasted rice, puffed rice

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The Genmai Matcha tea has abounding bloom nutrients. It is accepted to be a perfect supplement of Vitamin B. The bloom allowances that one get from Genmai Matcha tea flavonoids and antioxidants appear from that are artlessly abounding in the bulb alleged camellia sinensis area all types of blooming tea appear from.

Tasting Notes

The flavor is multifaceted, as it filled with the rich and refreshing taste of Matcha, which full-bodied but light. The taste of the roasted brown rice brings out the natural sweetness of the Matcha green tea, just as the Matcha green tea serves as a contrast to the rice, accentuating its savory richness.


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Roasted Rice and Matcha Powder


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