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Unique Uses of Tea: The Best Home Remedies Using Tea


You’ve probably heard how tea can help you lose weight or boost your mood. While these benefits are great, there are more ways you can use tea at home. Here are some tips on how you can use tea as a home remedy:


Need a mouthwash that can ease toothache and freshen breathe? Try rinsing with a cup peppermint tea. To do this, boil a tablespoon of fresh peppermint leaves tea in a cup of distilled or filtered water and then steep it for a few minutes. Add a pinch of salt to the tea, and start rinsing your mouth with it. With this mouthwash, you are confident that you’re only using healthy ingredients since you have prepared it yourself. Peppermint tea is antiseptic, which alleviates pain or sting when you gargle it. It also has menthol – a cleansing agent that kills bacteria. You can even add drops of lemon to freshen your breath or cure halitosis.

Clean wood and furniture

If common cleaners are not enough to make your wood furniture and floors look as good as new, then try using freshly brewed tea. You only need to boil 2 to 3 tea bags in a liter of water and let it cool. Once done, dip a cloth in the tea, wring it out remove excess liquid, and start wiping away dirt or smudges on your floors and furniture.

Tenderize meat

You can tenderize tough meat cuts by marinating them in black tea. Plus it could bring out excellent flavor on the dish you will be making. To marinate the meat, place 3-4 tablespoons of tea leaves in a pot of warm water and then steep it for about 5 minutes. Once done, add in a half-cup of brown sugar. Season the meat accordingly and then start pouring the liquid over it. Cook it in a preheated oven for about 90 minutes.

Sunburn and minor burns

Who does not like spending time relaxing on the beach during summers? If you do, you probably experienced how bothersome it is to have sunburn. It is itchy, irritating, and does not good look on your skin. So what can you do when you forget to use sunscreen and needs to cure painful sunburn? Consider using wet tea bags. Apply the tea bags to the affected skin in order to take out the sting. You can also use this solution to alleviate pain and discomfort due to minor burns. If there’s sunburn on your entire back or it is too widespread, you can also put tea bags in bathwater or soak your body in the tub.

Razor burn

Another burn you can treat with tea bags is razor burn. Just apply a wet tea bag to the affected area to lessen discomfort.

Tired eyes

Need to revitalize your tired or puffy eyes after a tiring day. Simply soak two (used or unused) tea bags in warm water and then place them over your closed eyes. You can do this for about 15-20 minutes. The tea has tannins that will help reduce puffiness around your tired eyes.

Bleeding gums

By regularly drinking green tea, you can help promote healthy teeth and gums. You can also use tea to stop the bleeding and soothe the toothache. Just soak a tea bag with cool water and press it directly onto your bleeding gums or aching tooth.

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